Full hire terms and conditions             

1) Hire Conditions

To be eligible to hire you must present a valid and current drivers license for the category that has been held for at least 3 years. at the time of rental. In addition, you must comply with the Hire companies age and other restrictions in order to guarantee due performance of the agreement

  • Must be between the ages of 25 and 65 unless otherwise agreed.
  • Have held a full UK CAT A motorcycle license for at least 3 years with a maximum of 6 points and demonstrate you have had regular riding experience.
  • Be able to provide passport and both parts of your driving license along with 2 forms of utility bill or official dated document (no more than 3 months old)
  • Obtain code from DVLA  (max validity is 21 days ) so licence status can be verified. visit  https://www.gov.uk/view-   driving-licence
  • Non UK residents driving licenses must show motorcycle entitlement, or bring an International Driving Permit. In addition, passport and proof of accommodation in UK is required.
  • Have not have had insurance declined and/or renewal refused and or insurance or cover cancelled by any motor insurer.
  • Have not been involved in more than one-fault incident within a 3-year period immediately prior to hiring a vehicle.
  • Don't have any criminal convictions.

No motorcycle may be used off road or on a race track (track days are strictly forbidden).


2) Driving Offences

All driving offences must be declared to us prior to hire and must be acceptable to our insurers. Failure to advise us in advance may result in the refusal of hire and loss of rental charge.

Hirers must not have been disqualified from driving during the last 24 months or have currently on their licence three or more convictions or any of the following offence codes in the last 5 years:

  • UT - Theft or unauthorised taking
  • DR - Drink or Drugs
  • DD - Dangerous Driving
  • BA - Driving whilst disqualified
  • LC - Licence
  • CD - Careless Driving

If you are in any doubt , please contact us for clarification

Illegible Occupations

Our insurers do not allow us to Hire Motorbike to persons engaged in the following occupations :

  • Food delivery services
  • Bookmakers, turf accountants, gambling industry including amusement arcade, fruit machine, casino or club employees.
  • Entertainment and related industries including fairground employees
  • Professional sports persons ,Professional models
  • Publicans or persons working in the licensed trade
  • Street and market traders
  • Scrap Metal merchants and dealers
  • Diplomatic Personnel
  • Courier or messengers


3) Medical Limitations

Do not have any physical or mental defect, impairment of sight, hearing, heart, diabetic or epileptic condition or other complaint unless they have notified the DVLA and a license has been issued, and the conditions or restrictions to that license are kept to.


4) Hire Periods

Minimum hire period is one day (24 hours). For the purposes of hiring, we deem that the days starts at 09:00 i.e. bikes may be collected after 09:00 and must be returned prior to 09:00, unless otherwise agreed. Dependent upon utilization it may be possible for hire periods to start before this time upon request. Note : No refunds are given for hirers returning motorbikes before the hire period ends.


5) Returns

At the end of the hire period, hirers must ensure the bike is returned to our office by the agreed time. Any hirer returning a bike outside the agreed hours will be charged a hire excess rate of £25 per hour or part thereof until the bike is returned.


6) Extra charges / fines

Any hirer incurring any penalty or fine issued by any authority, will be liable to pay for the penalty and all costs associated with settling such. Charges dealt with by us will be subject to an administration charge of £30. Hirers will also be liable for any penalty points incurred while a bike is in their possession.


7) UK Use Only

Bikes are only permitted to be used within the UK Mainland for social, domestic or pleasure use only.  


8) Mileage

Mileage is unlimited


9) Deposit

Initially a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of £30 per day must be made upon booking via PayPal, with full payment being required before the motorbike is released for hire.

On collection of your rental motorbike a deposit of £1600 is secured against the hire, £500 for insurance excess and £1100 against the motorbike and riding equipment. These funds are secured on a pre authorization basis and made by debit or credit card. No cash can be accepted. Please Note - We only accept Visa and Mastercard for payments.These funds for the deposit are reserved by your bank in case of any damage, theft or charges incurred whilst the bike is in your possession, on signing the hire agreement form you are authorising us to debit your card for any additional charges, these include: extended rental periods, damage, late charges, fuel refills, punctures or unpaid penalty charges.

Your deposit will be refunded when the motorcycle and riding equipment are returned undamaged


10) Cancellation/Changes 

If any reservation needs to be canceled, this must be done by telephone within normal working hours. No refunds will apply. In the event of  booking date change , if the proposed new date is available there is no charge. If the date is not available the booking will deemed to be cancelled and no refund wil be given. We reserve the right to cancel at any time, and a full refund will be given in that circumstance.


11) Hire Payment

Full payment of the hire charges (less the deposit  paid at the time of booking) is required to be paid in full prior to the hire commencing. This will include the costs of any riding equipment for pillion passengers, airport pick up fee and camping equipment fees. This is secured through pre authorisation on Credit Card.


12) Collection and Delivery

Motorbikes can only be collected from the hire office by the person hiring the vehicle. We do not provide a delivery service for our motorcycles.


13) Insurance

Only the hirer will be entitled to ride the bikes. The hirer will be fully comprehensively insured regardless of fault. The hirer will be required to pay up to the deposit required as the insurance excess in the event of any insurance claim that is made as a result of the hirer's actions. A full breakdown of the claim and charges will be made available to the hirer upon his request prior to any payment being taken. Should damage occur the deposit will be held for a period of up to 30 days from damage caused, whilst the repairs costs are assessed.

There is a £1500 insurance excess. This is collected at commencement of hire and returned to customer 24 hours after the bike is returned, as long as no damage has occurred to the bike during the hire period. If damage has occurred the £1500 excess will be forfeited.

In the event of you having an accident during your hire, should the bike become unusable or unrepairable within your hire period, we offer no full or partial refunds on hires paid nor a replacement bike.

In the event of an rider error incident , for example wrong fuel, loss of keys etc., you will be covered with breakdown assistance, however you will be responsible and charged accordingly for repairs, loss and any damage.

13.1) If a bike is damaged whilst in the possession of the hirer , the hirer will be responsible for the damage however caused. This also applies to damage caused to the bike whilst it is unattended.

13.2) If through the actions of any hirer, conscious, accidental or deliberate, the insurance cover for a bike becomes void, then that hirer will become personally liable for the full costs incurred as a result of their negligence.

13.3) In order to meet our insurance obligations hirers may not use any bike:

  • for any form of business use
  • to tow or pull anything
  • in a way that would exceed legal or manufacturers guides for safe operation
  • if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or/and drugs which may affect riding ability
  • on any road or other driving surface that has not been adopted by the local authorities.
  • for any form of race, trial, rally, track day or other competition
  • for commercial, financial or personal gain


Our insurance policy will be made available for you at any time on request and copies are available in our office for viewing.


14) Accidents

The hirer must not under any circumstances admit liability for any damage, accident or claim to anypersons without our consent. If an accident occurs, please remain with the bike andcontact us prior to exchanging the required details. DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY IN ANY FORM.No hirer is to attempt to make, or accept payment from a third party as compensation.


15) Availability

We will always try to ensure that bikes are available for reservations; however, this cannot be guaranteed due to the ever present risk of breakdown, loss or other factors beyond our control. In the event of any reserved bike not being available, you will be advised as soon as possible. Our liability is limited to refunding any monies paid with no liability being made for any other loss.


16) Fuel Charges and Fuel

Hirers are responsible for fuel charges. Bikes are supplied with a full tank of fuel and are expected to be returned in the same condition. If the fuel tank is not the same on return then the hirer will be invoiced for the fuel used at the current local retail price plus a  £20 administration charge. Bikes are only to be refueled with a correct grade of petrol as recommended by the manufacturer.


17) Oil & Water

All bikes will be provided with oil and water levels at the optimal levels. Hirers must not add any fluids to the vehicles without prior consent with the exception of fuel.

If general levels of fluids engine coolant, engine oil, brake, and clutch fluids are required during drive time the hirer must contact us immediately. Failure to comply may result in serious damage to the bike for which the hirer may be held financially responsible.


18) Damage

All bikes will be rigorously checked prior to and following each ride period  and a pre hire condition report completed . Readings taken in relation to tyre tread depth and condition, wheel condition, bodywork and paintwork condition, fluid levels, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. If any hirer is deemed to have caused unacceptable wear and or damage to the bike through negligence or deliberate action, additional charges will be made.

If any bike is damaged in any way while in the possession of a hirer, then the hirer must report the damage to the office immediately. If damage is such that the bike may not be moved, the hirer must not abandon the bike but will firstly ensure their own safety and that of any passengers and if possible secure the bike then stay with it until assistance arrives.

Hirer is required to declare that he has received the motorbike in good condition as described on the hire vehicle condition report  and undertakes to return it in the same condition. The motorbike must be driven solely by the hirer.


19) Tyres

The hirer will be responsible for any damage or punctures to tyres. If damage to tyres occurs the hirer must not ride the bike and must contact the company office to arrange for a replacement to be fitted. In the case of punctures, the cause will be assessed and if the puncture is found be caused as a result of hirer negligence then the hirer will be charged accordingly. Tyres that are found to have been worn or damaged as a result of misuse will be charged for.


20) Breakdown

All our bikes come with full roadside breakdown cover. Details are provided at the time of hire. 


21) Hirer I.D.

Bikes may only be collected by the person who will be riding the bike, and will be required to provide positive picture identification (driving license and passport). If identification cannot be verified the reservation will be canceled and any costs incurred charged to the hirer.


22) Security

During the Hire period, hirers are required to ensure that the security of the bike in their possession is maintained. When not in use bikes must have steering lock applied , the alarm systems activated by removal of ignition key and stored in a safe place.

Bikes, wherever possible should not be parked on the street and hirers should seek parking facilities displaying the 'Secure Car Park'.


23) Driver Suitability

All hirers will be required to consent to and pass all checks relating to identification, license endorsements, insurance claims history and driver suitability.


24) Hirer Personal Belongings

We offer a service for storing any excess luggage the hirer may not wish to take with them during the rental period. The management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to Hirers personal belongings stored on our premises during the hire period. This also applies  if applicable to motor vehicles  belonging to the hirer parked  at our premises.


25) Data

All information held will be kept in accordance with the data protection guidelines 1982 and will not be used for any other purpose than that for the operation of the Hirers account. We are required by our insurers to maintain these records for a period of 3 years.


26) Obligations

Any obligations, legally binding or implied may not be assigned to others by any hirer under the terms of this agreement.

Motorcycling is potentially a dangerous pastime! We would like to bring to your attention that customers are covered by full comprehensive insurance road risk only. The renter is not responsible for any accidents, mishaps or personal injuries and do not provide personal accident insurance.

The management reserves the right to refuse hire for any reason.


27) Third Parties

Any person who is not party to this agreement is not entitled to retain any rights to enforce any of its terms and conditions as detailed in the Rights of Third Parties Act 1999.


28) Law

The terms and conditions as detailed here and such constituted terms of ownership will at all times be governed and interpreted in accordance with Scottish Law and under the jurisdiction of Scottish Courts. Any obligations, legally binding or implied may not be assigned to others by any hirer under the terms of this agreement. However Hire Company may be entitled to appoint or assign its obligations toany party under the terms of the agreement.

Hire company is not responsible as far as the law permits, for any damage, injury or loss suffered to, or bythe actions of, any Hirer or passenger accompanying the Hirer.

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